Content Marketing

Leverage your content credits


You’ve got your story, but can you share it with the right people, in the right places, at the right time to see real ROI? Marketing through your original content is what ultimately gives wings to the assets you already have (but didn’t know what to do with) or the messages you just crafted during brand strategy and content creation.

When you are ready to put your content to work for your brand—to strengthen reputation, gain new customers, build loyalty among followers who already appreciate you, inspire newbies and diehards alike, and help others share your message—then, and only then, are you leveraging the credit you’ve built in content.

Here’s how we start doing that:

::   Content inventory | cataloging

::   Content strategy | planning

::   Social/PR integration | channel dissemination


92% of of marketers reported that their company views content as a business asset.

What can I say about this woman? She is always one text away from the next adventure. Julie’s love for the outdoors is unrivaled, not in some extreme, ultra-edgy kind of way, but rather in that genuine, deeply appreciative way that only a humble person such as Julie can be. I’ve had the great pleasure of putting in many miles on trail with Julie, not to mention working with her professionally on content for my website. I’m eternally grateful for her grounded presence both in her words and out in the mountain air. With Julie, it’s about connection—connection with herself, nature and surely a few good friends. Her inspiration is not ego-based, it’s grounded in a true love for the outdoors and how it makes us as human beings sweat, grow and connect. It is this passion that Julie conveys authentically in every piece she produces.

Mara Kormylo

psychotherapist, marathoner