It’s easy to inspire with universal messages

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First let me say this commentary on smart content marketing is in no way a plug for Juice Plus. But the company’s amazing little dehydrated fruit and veggie gummies have kept my kids healthy—and I can’t give that up just yet. In fact the brand just made me want to hang on even longer.

See, Juice Plus did something very clever that’s great example of how simple, universal messaging can inspire consumers in any industry to think—and act, even if it’s not just to place another order. If this inspirational content happens to have a little logo next to it, I say, “Bravo to the marketing team!”

universal messaging

In my most recent package Juice Plus package came a small, square detachable card with simple ideas for self-improvement: “3 ways to be more awesome,” to be exact.

  1. Stop worrying about what other people think.
  2. Be authentically you.
  3. Do what you love.

Maybe I needed the message right then and there, but for whatever reason the positive, commercial-free nature of the words and design struck a chord. I immediately hung this refreshing perk up on the fridge, read it to my children and now refer to it throughout the week when I need a reminder that I’m doing, well, OK.

(Maybe this all comes down to the fact that a monthly investment in this healthy product makes me feel like a better parent, especially if I miss a meal with a key food group. The kids had their morning Juice Plus chewies, right? They’re good. But I digress.)

The point is that this brand has figured out a very crafty, cost-effective way to send some encouragement to everyone who opens a Juice Plus package. That builds brand loyalty (without consumers even knowing it). I found the message especially effective after years of just getting a statement showing how much we spent on the tiny round discs of health each month.

Have a look at the message and see if you have the same reaction. If you do, consider it another idea for your content marketing quiver.

Remember, hard selling is out. I’m sold on the fact that today it’s soft, inspirational brand messaging that will truly improve the health of a company’s reputation—and revenue.