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Write what you know


In journalism school, the saying goes: Write what you know. Why? Because the truth will shine through. Your story will resonate with people in an authentic way. For me that sweet spot has always been the outdoors and all that pertains to it—sports, adventure, lifestyle. It’s what I know, because it’s what I spend every moment of my free time doing. Or planning to do. Or recovering from doing.

I have learned that solid writing skills will translate to any industry—and are much in demand in a world that has in many ways bypassed the craft. To create the most meaningful stories, you have to have a passion for the content you’re creating—and marketing. The outdoor world is the place that has come to feel most like home. Like my authentic self. It’s what rings true.

Some of the most prominent moments in my life have come on a trail, a peak, a lake, a rock or simply on my deck with loved ones, savoring some splendid Colorado alpenglow. This is when time stands still, dreams become clear and hints of a real life’s mission seem to coalesce.

Over the last 15 years, I have earned marketing communications credentials working behind the scenes—where I prefer it—for clients and companies in a broad scope of industries. However, I never stopped embracing the joy and inspiration it brings me (and I hope others) to tell stories about people, products and places pushing boundaries in the outdoor world.

Julie Kalius

Julie Kailus

writer | brand strategist

I have worked with—and counted on—Julie for over 15 years, and it is always a pleasure to work with her. To every project, large or small, she brings creative talent and an inquisitive nature balanced with practicality; organization and preparedness balanced by her willingness just jump in; and an ability to collaborate well with a team while she also thrives with autonomy. Julie is down-to-earth, easy to work with, and demonstrates accountability and high standards in everything she touches.

Jen Rahn DeMuth

Owner, Rezonant