Respecting the cycle of brand storytelling

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We don’t always see content as a cycle, a process with many integral parts. Often we hyper-focus on a single point of entry or execution: For example, “We need some copy written for a digital corporate brochure—right now.”

But where does that content originate? What is the intention behind it? Brand storytelling isn’t cobbling together copy from an existing website or other marketing materials. It should have more guts than that. It should have legs to stand on and arms to reach social realms.

Telling any story related to brand should be part of a purposeful cycle that proves where your content comes from, where it’s headed, and why each and every piece matters. A qualified content strategist can help you not only understand the cycle of storytelling, but put it in motion:



> Competitive analysis: Learn who has the most effective content strategy in your market—and why.

> Inventory: Take stock of your existing content assets. You might be surprised.

> Mining: Research current channels for accessing “free” content for the future.



> Interview: Ask stakeholders lots of questions, listen well and concentrate on collaboration.

> Proof of brand: Based on discovery, make a reliable case statement for your brand.

> Brand story: Create a platform to tell it like it really is—for every audience.



> Ideation: Frame a compelling, diverse lineup of topics in content calendar form.

> Re-sourcing: Define internal resources and systems to create content on a sustainable way.

> Content creation: Write, blog and edit original content or hire it out—keep going.

> Thought leadership: Explore fresh opportunities to communicate what you know best.

> Optimization: Do the due diligence on SEO so your words will work double-time.



> Integration: Re-spin complementary brand stories appropriately for each social/digital platform.

> Engagement: Encourage people to talk back to you and share your stories.

> Earned media: Learn to leverage every existing review about you.

> Analytics: Monitor and tweak how well your content is performing. Reveal ROI.