Nice stuff people say.

Here’s what you can expect when we work toegther.

Julie is absolutely a rare find — she’s adaptable, easy to work with, and always willing to try out new techniques. I recently had the incredible opportunity to watch her work through some tough content challenges on two very different projects with Think Company, a user experience consultancy helping businesses make complex things simple.

For one of our clients, a national lawyers association, she demonstrated her ability to stay flexible and approach a variety of discovery activities with authority. Although it wasn’t her primary responsibility, she enthusiastically contributed to the research strategy by adding additional questions and hypotheses around their content. From there, she synthesized a vast amount of user research to uncover valuable insights and create data-driven recommendations for the path forward. 

Similarly, for a global biotechnology company, she helped develop the strategies and structure needed for the medical affairs team to quickly respond to medical inquiries. This work showcased her ability to learn new industries, think analytically, and identify patterns across a variety of content. Julie is the person you trust to adapt to any situation while providing clear rationale for content strategy decisions. Her can-do attitude is exactly what every team needs!

Christine Coughlan

Principal Content Strategist, Think Company

I recently worked with Julie to revamp a number of webpages for multiple clients. Julie treated each client as a unique individual and did not simply apply a one-size-fits-all approach. Each client was thrilled with the way Julie helped bring their digital communication goals to life. As a part of this work, Julie delivered a document detailing her rationales for each of her content choices. This information served as an invaluable education to our clients. Beyond her technical skill, Julie was always on time with deliverables and due dates, she asked smart questions and was an overall joy to work with. 

Sarah Bielecki

Associate Director of Digital Engagement, Stanford School of Engineering

I’ve been in the business of serving clients’ marketing needs for a very long time now, and Julie is a breath of fresh air. Not only does she create great work that’s on time and on strategy, but she’s a pleasure to work with as well. Those things don’t come in one package very often, but it does in Julie’s case.

Brian Hawkins

President, Bhawkins Inc. and Fixture Lab

I have worked with Julie for over five years and she has consistently proven herself to be a phenomenal writer. Julie has a way of weaving the written word in a compelling and compassionate way. She is skilled at understanding a topic and writing about it in a way that informs even those most versed in the subject. She asks relative, probing questions of her subject to draw out the message and then she constructs a piece from an expert perspective. I couldn’t be more pleased with Julie as a writer and as an extension of our team.

Lorayn Bowers

Practice Manager, Smith Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetic Center

I have worked with Julie Kailus for more than ten years, and know her well as a writer and editor. She unfailingly meets deadlines and turns in clean, polished copy. She has plenty of ideas for things to write about and ways to solve problems. She is also delightful to work with—a charming person, thoughtful, well informed and humorous.

Mary Jarrett

Editor, Boulder Magazine

Engaging, expressive, enthusiastic, thorough, bright, committed and dedicated! Those adjectives describe the talents of Julie Kailus. Julie appreciates the written word and takes great pride in developing great partnerships with her clients. Writing isn’t just about the words, it’s about crafting those words and telling that story to poignantly convey the culture of a company, the personality of a business owner, the exceptional experience of a product or service, or the moment an unforgettable memory is made. Julie is committed to her craft and someone you can count on to tell your story, to sell your product, or to enhance your brand. I have worked with Julie for the past 10 years and appreciate her loyalty, dependability and talents. She understands and appreciates the “clients first” mentality. And, that’s a gift!

Tammy Kehe

VP, Network Affiliates

Julie’s been a consistent contributor to GrindTV for several years, predating even my own tenure at the publication, and for good reason: She has proven reliable with deadlines, enthusiastic and open to feedback and ever-increasingly familiar with our brand voice and audience. She speaks from an informed place, being an avid outdoorswoman, and her passion for her subject matter is evident in her eagerness to share personal stories within service pieces. Julie’s skill set has grown considerably since we’ve worked together, and she remains a trusted freelance resource for GrindTV content.

Kim Stravers

Features editor, GrindTV.com

Julie has been an incredibly valuable resource for my startup business. She is a talented writer and a wonderfully proactive manager of both people and process. She has invested her time and talent in my business as if it were her own, and she has certainly gone above and beyond expectations. I would highly recommend a long-term partnership with Julie.

Steve Treadwell

Founder, Impact Adventures

The great thing about working with Julie, is you forget you’re working with Julie. She does a terrific job managing her time and workload while communicating in a timely fashion. During a very busy time at Origin, I needed someone who didn’t need to be managed, and Julie delivered. I was impressed with her speed and initiative. Her desire to collaborate, receive feedback and iterate on her copywriting was extremely refreshing. Working with Julie gave me one less thing to worry about, and well-written copy to enjoy reading.

Stephen Coomber

Associate creative director, Origin Design + Communications

Julie has been and continues to be a great resource for our overflow content-creation needs. As content marketing and SEO have become inseparable, we found ourselves using Julie more frequently to create relevant, interesting content to drive meaningful user engagement and aid SEO efforts. Julie is smart, conscientious, and above all else, a very talented writer.

Todd Kuhlmann

Former CEO, blue onion

I have worked with—and counted on—Julie for over 15 years, and it is always a pleasure to work with her. To every project, large or small, she brings creative talent and an inquisitive nature balanced with practicality; organization and preparedness balanced by her willingness just jump in; and an ability to collaborate well with a team while she also thrives with autonomy. Julie is down-to-earth, easy to work with, and demonstrates accountability and high standards in everything she touches.

Jen Rahn

Owner, Rezonant

What can I say about this woman? She is always one text away from the next adventure. Julie’s love for the outdoors is unrivaled, not in some extreme, ultra-edgy kind of way, but rather in that genuine, deeply appreciative way that only a humble person such as Julie can be. I’ve had the great pleasure of putting in many miles on trail with Julie, not to mention working with her professionally on content for my website. I’m eternally grateful for her grounded presence both in her words and out in the mountain air. With Julie, it’s about connection—connection with herself, nature and surely a few good friends. Her inspiration is not ego-based, it’s grounded in a true love for the outdoors and how it makes us as human beings sweat, grow and connect. It is this passion that Julie conveys authentically in every piece she produces.

Mara Kormylo

Psychotherapist, marathoner

Julie is an exceptional writer and editor who has contributed to the success of many of our advertising feature sections over the years. I have always been impressed with her quality of work, attention to detail and interesting/informative content that she provides. Julie is professional, performs even under the tightest of deadlines and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her for any project.

Greg Stone

Marketing & advertising features coordinator, Prairie Mountain Media

I’ve worked with copywriters for over 20 years. Without a shadow of a doubt, Julie is the best copywriter I’ve ever worked with. Her mastery of syntax, grammar, and diction combined with her understanding of the client’s brand and messaging strategy guarantees exemplary work.

John Schott

Marketing technology, Gibraltar Business Capital

Every month I publish a leadership column for the business journal in our metro area. I start with my own draft, try to improve it and then send it off to Julie Kailus. A few days later the finished product arrives—words changed, grammar improved and often some parts re-sequenced. Now I have a first-class, five-diamond product that invariably generates conversation in the business community and more than a few “pats on the back.” Julie is my editorial star.

Joe Scarlett

Retired CEO, Tractor Supply Company

Julie Kailus is a pure professional. I have worked with her for over 10 years, and she is always on time with each assignment. Most importantly, she is on target. Julie knows how to do the important research to connect with her audience and has helped me advance our business and grow as a firm. I am proud to work with her and proud of the work she does for us.

Harlan Schillinger

Retired vice president, director of marketing, Network Affiliates

Julie has a unique combination of creativity, passion and market awareness. She is very insightful and entertaining. I’ve enjoyed working with her on a number of projects ranging from advertising campaigns to content creation. I would no doubt continue to work with her. I highly recommend Julie.

Ken Fukuda

Independent art director/designer

I first started working with Julie on Colorado’s Official State Vacation Guide. Julie’s writing and editing skills along with her incredible work ethic and fun attitude sure made my job as the lead designer and art director on the four-year project much easier. Her communication skills and teamwork helped the deadlines get met and the project to run smoothly. On other projects over the years, it’s always a pleasure working with Julie. She has an amazing knack for understanding the subject matter she’s covering and communicating it effectively and with a fun and interesting flair.

Cindi Sherman

Vice president, art director, Publication Design Inc.